Windows 10 Manager

Windows 10 Manager

Inspect your system registry to find and fix various types of issues
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Windows 10 Manager comprises an amazing list of utilities intended to optimize and tweak the latest Windows version. In terms of optimization, the tool can inspect your system registry to find and fix various types of issues. Likewise, it can protect your privacy by deleting junk data and activity traces.

Amidst so many tools, it would be logical that the inexpert users feel somewhat disoriented. However, there is an optimization wizard to take you through a process that covers the main areas, starting from updating your system, managing processes, tweaking various parameters, and uninstalling unneeded apps to administering startup entries, cleaning the registry and defragmenting hard disks.

It would be impossible to cover all the features of this product in such a short review. That is why I will try to refer only to those that make a difference. One of them is Smart Uninstaller, which allows removing applications together with all their traces in the registry. Luckily, it supports batch uninstalling. The Repair Center, in turn, can help you fix miscellaneous problems that may occur in Windows, including file association issues and lost icons. In addition, Windows 10 Manager supports creating tasks, with the peculiarity that they can be triggered not only by schedule but another type of events as well. Finally, if you are concerned about putting your system in the hands of this software, there is, fortunately, the possibility of creating a system restore point before any changes are actually made. Similarly, you can create partial or complete registry backups prior to optimization and defragmentation.

It would be fair to mention but a few of the other utilities you can access from this product. Disk Analyzer, for instance, helps you grab an idea of the contents on your storage devices and make appropriate decisions about it. Also related to efficient usage of your disks is Duplicate File Finder, with an obvious name. In order to manage file transfers, there is also File Splitter and Super Copy. Another utility helps you organize your desktop more efficiently. Last but not least, Visual Customizer lets you tweak the appearance of your operating system.

All in all, the software being reviewed is definitely a must for Windows 10 users. In fact, I think it would be difficult, if not impossible, to find a product that packs so many features intended for this operating system. However, what makes it valuable also carries its weakness: it cannot be used with other Windows versions.

Pedro Castro
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  • Amazing number of features.
  • Smart uninstalling of applications in batches.
  • Tasks triggered by given events.
  • Creation of system restore points as well as partial and complete registry backups


  • Works on Windows 10 only
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